Series Specification

Humidity Resistance RH 96
Light Reflection Up to 93%
Fire Resistance BS 476
Noise Reduction Coefficient Up to 0.90
Recyclable 100% recyclable
Thermal Conductivity 0.45 W/mk
Point Loading 5 – 7 kg
Paintable Can be painted in any desired colour
Hazardous Emission Nil
Washability Water resistance and easily washable

Product Specification

Panel Size 595x595mm
Thickness 9mm
Edge Square
T-Grid 15 / 24mm
Wt/Tile 3.50kg (±5%)


  • Glass Reinforced Pure Gypsum Ceiling Tiles.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Great Aesthetics.
  • Great Indoor Air Quality.
  • Noise-Reduction, Bright, Comfortable.