VANS Gypbond is a ready-to-use internal plaster bonding agent with added aggregates, used as a primer/bonding aid prior to plastering on surfaces such as concrete, plaster and difficult, low or non-porous substrates.

Why Choose VANS Gypbond

Bonding agent for smooth surfaces

Phthalate free formulation

Ready to use, one coat application

Perfect for use on smooth substrates

No hacking on wall

VANS Gyplast Compatibility

VANS Gyplast can be applied directly on all the Hard Surfaces as shown below.

Recommended Application Methodology

Step 01
Prepare Wall Surface
The wall surface should be thoroughly clean before applying Vans Gyplast

Step 02
Wetting Wall Surface
Pre-wet the substance before applying VANS Gyplast

Step 03
Mix VANS Gyplast
Mix VANS Gyplast in water. Water to plaster ratio should be (1:125)

Step 04
Apply VANS Gyplast
Apply mixed plaster on the substrate and level it with an aluminium bottom scale.

Product Comparison Chart

Technical Details

Physical Properties

Chemical Properties

Safety Instruction: VANS Gyplast is absolutely free from any lime or toxic elements. In case it comes in contact with the eyes or live wound, please wash away with fresh normal water. Consult doctor if irritation continues.